Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Weekly Rundown From the Farm.

From the farm...

Collection of eggs (blue chicken egg, large chicken egg from one of my bigger ladies, duck egg and a brown chicken egg).
Here is a brief rundown from our week here on the farm. Included in the tally are both highlights and low lights in no particular order:

-trying to get some much needed sunshine therapy spending time in the greenhouse (because this glum chum is tired of being cooped up) organizing and tidying up.
-opening up one greenhouse to the chickens who are ecstatic to be able to get a decent dust bath.
-spending a lot of time in my head planning out this upcoming growing season and figuring out the logistics of farm life and three children
-getting a chuckle out of these guys while watching them with the kids
- longer days and spring- like temperatures have the chickens/ducks  really upping their game and are pumping out the eggs
-shamelessly enjoying this show every Monday night.
-sleepless nights due to teething and coughing
-ordering in my yearly supply of kelp for the poultry and maybe need to dust off the old saddles for the lady turkeys because breeding season is just around the corner.
-seeding countless trays of onions, pea shoots, sunflower greens and sprouts in buckets.
-working on a few chalk board/sandwich boards for the spring/summer market season.
-bought our first plough for the tractor (next step figuring out how to use it).
-enjoying the first bar of  homemade soap.
-feuding with a lil' Millie Mae because she has decided she doesn't like eggs anymore (mainstay of our diet around here) but wants to have a diet comprised mostly of fruit, sweet potatoes and bread.
-sprouting, and eating lots of roasted sweet potatoes
-became a host on this site (farm work trade for travelers) and I am enjoying the emails from some keen youngsters from France testing out their English.
-putting laundry out on the line almost everyday!

How has your week been?

1 comment:

  1. You look crazy busy, as per usual.

    1. New plough sounds exciting.
    2. Teething equals nightmare, would not wish that upon anyone. Think we might be in the clear for awhile over here.
    3. Completely jealous about both the soap and the laundry line.

    xo amelia


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