Monday, February 20, 2012

Growing Sweet Potato Slips

From the country...

Sweet potato sitting in water

This year I am attempting to grow sweet potato slips. Sweet potatoes aren't generally grown from seed but by a slip. The slip is a shoot that grows from the mother potato. In a few weeks I am expecting each eye on this here tater to have a nice leafy 2-3 inch sprout on it, which according to my research I gently twist off, and put into water and it will grow roots and will eventually become a plant by which other sweet potatoes will grow from. If all goes well I will put this project into my farm how-to tutorial page- but for now we will see how it goes.

Basically you take a nice clean sweet potato (I would suggest one that is grown local to you) cut it, place the cut end into water, place in a warm well lit area of your house, make sure the sweetie is in water at all times, and well- watch the slips grow. It would be a great planting project for kids too!

I have read that you can get as many as 50 slips per tater- I guess we will just have to wait and see...

Who knows maybe I will get another one of these??

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  1. Definitely giving this a try. I had no idea how invaluable sweet potatoes could be after a 12 year old decides to give up meat for lent. Say what??


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