Monday, February 15, 2010

Perfect Poached Pullet Eggs

From the country...

Now is the time of year for me when I can spend a little more time in the kitchen. In the past 24 hrs I have made preserved cherry vanilla ice cream, chocolate cookies, maple granola, a hearty soup and a fresh loaf of bread amongst my daily meals. Life slows down during these months as the winter brings warm sunny days, blows heinous storms or beautiful clear nights with bitter temperatures. We try to take more time with the meals. We poach our eggs.
The snow outside is falling snow globe style, the temperature is above freezing and the hens are enjoying the warmer weather. The ladies are laying eggs and the pullets (think teenage chickens) have begun to lay beautiful eggs as well. A pullet egg is a stunning thing, about half the size as a regular chicken egg with a tough-as-nails outer shell, firm whites and bright yellow yolks. A pullet egg is perfect for poaching. The boys (thing 1 and thing 2) love their poachies, eating their 2 egg quota everyday and Beans (my partner) loves his with the stinkiest runny cheese you can find.
I like my poached eggs firm but melty, with some yolk running all over the plate. A trick that I do is to add the eggs to the boiling water (carefully to not brake the yolks), turn down the burner slightly, and pop down the toast. Fresh eggs are ideal for this process because they hold their shape nicely when boiled. By the time the toast is popped and buttered the eggs should be perfect. The eggs should be eaten immediately because they will continue to cook on their own (an impossible feat with two young boys circling around the table…) I like to add whatever is in the fridge that I can sauté (chard, onions, mushrooms, bacon…), place that on fresh toasted bread, add the eggs, top with some shaved cheese (whatever I have), add fresh sprouts and finish with a sprinkling of sea salt and cracked pepper. A breakfast masterpiece! One of the decadent perks of farm living, perfect poached pullet eggs.

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