Saturday, February 20, 2010

Maybe Someday...

From the country...

Yesterday I brought all my soap making equipment up from the basement, washed it off and put it to use. I used to make soap often in the winter for sale in the spring/summer but that hobby has been replaced with being a farmer Momma. For now, I make soap for gifts, to fill orders, and for our home. My children have never used anything other than my homemade soap and my friends/ family swear by it (not to blow my own horn or anything…)

I use the cold process method with premium quality olive, coconut, palm and sweet almond oils. It is a basic recipe I learned about 10 years ago when I lived in Vancouver. If anyone is interested in the recipe, just send me an email. I have adapted this recipe to make many different types using essential oils, honey, dried flowers and botanicals (which grow here in the summer) and the combinations are endless. Some of my favourites soap recipes are: wheat germ, oats and honey, rosemary sunflower, lavender, and peppermint cocoa.

I can’t imagine life without homemade soap. It is one of those luxuries that people pay big bucks for but I can make it for less. I love when I can take something that is considered expensive (soap, crusty bread, cake etc..) and make it myself. There are so many things I would like to learn too. I would love to whip up and set of dishes with a pottery wheel or sew curtains for the windows. I am not there yet, maybe someday.

Today, I will make soap.


  1. I'll take a zillion bars of your exfoliating soap if you go back to selling it.

  2. Hey Megan,
    I can make you some soap if you need some. Let me know how many bars you would like. It will take a couple days for me to make it and 3 weeks for it to cure. The soap is 3 bars for $10 (keep in mind that I will give you some as well for all the photos!) You like the peppermint and poppy seed right? Laura

  3. I am dying to know where you got that wonderful soap mold??!! I love it!

    Peppermint and poppy seed together??

    Cute blog.

  4. I bought the soap mould at a store called Soap Scope in Toronto. I haven't been there in awhile- I hope it is still there! Yes, Peppermint and poppy seed is a great combination! The poppy seeds are a great exfolliant and peppermint essential oil has a really pleasant cooling effect. Laura

  5. L - i forgot I made a comment about the soap. then today (after using up the 2 peni bars) I went to crack a new Laura soap and I remembered.

    If you have time and a desire, or are making it anyway we'll take some for sure. yes, peppermint and poppy. But don't make it especially for me! That's the last thing you need in your busy life leading up to growing season.

    Amount: whatever's convenient....a batch? (like I know what a batch is) We'll use it all.

    Did you use your soap on your kids?

    No deals though. The pics were just the start of my thanks to you for coming to Toronto and cooking all the food for my baby shower. And for the diaper cream. (FYI We are using it religiously and it is the only think that is taking away his terrible rash. Penatin for 5 days did nothing. We have officially switched over.
    So really, when you think about it, I owe you for saving my baby too...) And for the last batch of soap which I thank you for to myself every morning in the shower.



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