Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A turkey what?!

From the country...

This here is a turkey saddle. A turkey what? A saddle for a turkey hen. A saddle for turkey mating. Through my research I have found that my ladies need these so that when the 20lb+ Tom turkey "treads" on their back during mating, the saddle protects the hens from being all defeathered and scratched up. I am placing an order for 12 turkey saddles. Quite possibly the oddest thing I have ordered online. I am not ordering some risque item to improve my sex life but a saddle to help the turkeys with theirs. Are my priorities straight?

Love hurts... even for turkeys.


  1. ha ha ha! It'll be worth it! Our rooster
    'de-flowered' and de-feathered all our hens one spring and spent the summer running around naked and getting really bad sunburns, it was awful! Good job thinking ahead!

  2. most hilarious thing I've ever seen!

    Stop blogging. Go sleep.


  3. We have used sddles for pheasants too, though we found we could just trim the roosters' spurs before putting them in the laying pens. Of course, cock turkeys weigh A LOT more than cock pheasants.

    I thought turkeys had to be artificially inseminated due to their size, or is that only the commercial large whites. My turkey knowledge is pretty poor.

  4. Heritage turkeys can mate naturally, according to my research. It is the commercial whites that cannot due to their freakishly large breast size. The saddles also help the Tom grip onto the hen and get the job done. I am looking into learning how to artificially inseminate as well because I think it is a skill that would help me out if the "business" is not getting done. Wish me luck on that!


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