Saturday, January 7, 2012

The First Knit

From the country...
The finished product

This is my first ever "real" knitting project. I have played with yarn and needles making many a wash cloth. There is the terribly ugly long and curly scarf that I made for Mark when we were first going out (said scarf is still joked about repeatedly and I believe there is a snowman outside wearing it...) but aside from that, this sweater for Millie is the first real something. I would like to say that I breezed through it and it only took a day but that would be lying. I took my time, dropping a stitch here, taking it apart there. Then there was the impromptu tutorial from an expert knitter who pointed me in the right direction (thanks Heather!!)

Oh!and lets not forget You Tube...

The process was fun though. Going to the knitting store, picking out the right colour yarn, and finding the right buttons. I have to say I have been officially needled by the knitting bug and can't wait to start my new project.

For the pattern click here which I found  from this gals' inspiring website.


  1. I am utterly impressed!
    Such a great job laur.
    What a lucky baby girl.

    Pretty color!


  2. Nice! Can I just say that I love YouTube for teaching me everything I know? Knitting included.

  3. Looks adorable!

    I knit endless scarves and occasionally, hats. I really need to up my game.

  4. It's beautiful! And hard to believe it's your first!!

  5. Thanks ladies! but really you should check out the pattern it is for beginners! I also had some really great help.


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