Thursday, November 24, 2011

An Entire Post Dedicated to Yarn

From the City...
 Laura was in the city last night on the hunt for some good yarn for a sweater for Millie Mae.  So we found ourselves at Lettuce Knit for an hour looking at yarn, talking about yarn, touching yarn (you get the picture).  Look at the concentration in her face. ..."must find perfect yarn, must find perfect yarn..."
 This colour is just plain lovely.  I'm a sucker for the oranges.
 The earth tones.
 Baskets upon baskets.
 Heavenly.  That purple is divine.

Add these to my christmas list.  Handmade shawl pins.  I first saw them and salivated over them at Soulemama's blog but now to find them at my own yarn shop, well, that's just not fair.
I really like Lettuce Knit because its just really cozy on the inside.  It's exactly what a yarn store, in my mind, should look like.  Kind of like unorganized chaos, which to me, really is the best kind.  Books of patterns piled high, baskets of mix and matched yarn, bowl of buttons, vintage couches and and an old wood table with mismatched chairs.  
oh and of course, a buzz of creativeness that you can just feel when you walk in.  


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