Monday, February 13, 2012


From the City...
It was pretty chilly here this weekend.  
The sun was out though so we made the most of it and tried to get out as much as possible.  
Here's some pics.
Simon's band was asked to do a Leonard Cohen cover for this blog.  So our apartment turned into a little recording studio.  Theo loved it.  I swear if you listen to the recording close enough you can hear his little excited squeals throughout.  They did the song So long, Marianne.  It sounds phenomenal.  
We at our first bunch of sprouts and they tasted amazing! Holy man.  I won't even lie, they stepped up our sandwiches significantly.  I have three more jars on the go right now as I type.  
Our next venture will be doing the pea shoots in soil.  See here for a tutorial.   
I got a long overdue haircut.  It was bad over here guys.  Post pregnancy my hair has been a nightmare.  Dry, dead ends, handfuls of hair falling right out, so I had to take some drastic measures.  I coughed up (oh man) $50.00 and got a real hair cut (that was including tax and tip).  It feels way better and I'm enjoying having bangs for the time being.  
They are a bit of work though so we'll see how long I keep it up.  
Theo and his cousin Finn had a pancake breakfast and spent the whole day playing with each other.
Simon surprised me with the earrings i've been pining away for!  I found them on pinterest and have had their picture on my desktop for months.  It was a bit of a crap week so getting these earrings on Friday totally brightened my day.  
Shesh, that guy's a catch.  
The hands down best (early) birthday present ever.
They are made of hammered silver that is then plated in gold.  I've never really owned something so special.  Here's a link to Irith's shop so you can take a peek for yourself, just try not to look at the pricetag.
I made Laura's muffins.  I've made them twice now and I must admit, they're pretty stand up.  For something that doesn't have butter in it, I was more than surprised.  Theo and Simon love them too.  Last time I stuck to the recipe but this time I added 1 cup brown bananas and 1/2 cup milk instead of the buttermilk called for.  I also used coconut oil instead of canola.

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  1. Earrings = amazing. Haircut = super hot.

  2. LOVE the bangs and those earrings- Good job Sime!! Yeah sprouts!!

    Love Laura


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