Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oat Bran Muffins

From the country...
To the left brannies with strawberries. To the right with raisins.
Maybe not the most exciting title for a post I must admit but since making the decision to start this plan I am trying to find alternatives to the beloved butter(amongst many, many other delicious edibles). That yellow devil along with his friends Mr. bread and Ms.dairy with their adoptive devil child peanut butter (did I mention the teenage cousin Bacon??) have been my allies for awhile now. Yep, time to shed the "baby weight" (if I can still rightfully call it that) and try retraining my brain in the ol' eating department. Can anyone say portion size?

Anyway on to the recipes. I have found 2 oat bran recipes in the past week that I am fairly fond of. This one has blueberries in it (I doubled the amount) and this one is a basic recipe that I doctored with some powdered ginger and strawberries. I also made the recipe with raisins and no strawberries for my gal Millie who isn't there in her diet yet when it comes to strawberries.

Well wish me luck and enjoy the muffins!


  1. Those look gooood. Simon's also trying to shed the baby weight (poor guy put on a good 15lbs when I was pregnant) so I we've been on a baking hiatus over here but those are a good compromise. Minus the raisins, why must you ruin everything good with raisins??????????


  2. Um, allow me to interject. Raisins make the muffin.

    Good luck with your plan Laur! You're smokin' even with a little extra baby lbs.

  3. You could also try adding some dry fruits, or sweetening with agave syrup. Just be sure to add some extra flour, to balance dry and wet ingredients.


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