Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines and Sweet Potato Love

From the country...

Pile of homemade Valentines

This year I decided that instead of going to the store (too lazy/busy) and buying the prefab valentines that we would make them. So I collected some clip art and some different fonts, printed them, coloured them, cut them out and pasted them on bristol board. Then I sat down with Lucas where he spent 2.5 minutes with me making them, then quickly found something better to do and I finished all 23 of them by my lonesome. Nate is planning on finishing his tonight- so it looks like I will be making some more later when everyone is sleeping... I think that they are rather sweet looking though and a little less wasteful. Everything (aside from the printing) was found in our art closet.

So in the spirit of Valentine's day I will leave you with these images of 2 sweet potatoes in love...
Sweet potato displaying their love for each other on our front porch...the shame!



  1. Great valentines!

    And dirty a room sweet potatoes; this is a family blog.

  2. Those are the best valentines ever!

    Nice work mama!


  3. Okay... That is weird sweet potato. But it is sweet though :)


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