Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Weekly Run Down From the Farm

From the country...

Wiley Coyote turned the big 5
We celebrated with a movie (The Lorax) and bowling
made these cookie cheesecakes
one of a few quail egg trays put into the incubator.
It is proven itself hard to maintain a family, farm and blog... but I will trudge along. So much happens on any given day but here are some of the highlights:

-QUAIL eggs! I am super excited about raising quail. 120 eggs made there way to the incubator this past weekend and I am expecting babies around the 15th of the month. I have been You Tubing/researching like mad and trying to figure out the best way to raise the little suckers. They are fascinating little birds that are the size of a bumble bee when hatched and start laying eggs at 5-7 weeks!

-Lucas turned 5 on April 1st. He had been planning his big day for some time so we had to indulge this little guy and make it a good one. We did a movie, a rousing game of bowling and then home for french fries, homemade macaroni and cheese, and coleslaw. I also made these cookie cheesecake treats for dessert. With some balloons, a new fishing rod and a rendition of Happy Birthday via a phone call from his Aunt Mimi/Uncle Momo his day was complete.

-Earth Hour was spent in our living room with the wood stove blazing, and  the candles lit. The kids and I read books, played Guess Who and went outside wrapped in blankets to see the stars (it was such a clear night). Millie cried for almost the full hour until she fell asleep in my arms while Nate and Lucas hid under blankets convincing each other that her crying was going to bring the monsters out.  Fun stuff!!

-The farm is coming alive again- perennials are poking there heads out and the animals are feeling frisky in the extended hours of daylight. The turkeys have started laying, the chickens are laying like gang busters and the ducks are squirreling away their clutches of eggs until they get the right amount to set. We are spending full days outdoors getting a jump start on the growing season.The boys have tossed the t.v. aside in preference for playing and the dinner bell is once again being used to beckon people indoors for meals.

It is an exciting time on the farm ...


  1. The size of a bumblebee when they hatch??!!! I can't wait to see pics. Sounds adorable.

  2. oooh, sounds so nice. homemade macaroni and cheese recipe sharesies?? marg.


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