Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekending...3 days late

From the City...
Where to start, where to start.  So much seems to be taking place around here these days.  Being back at work has thrown a wrench into our life right now.  Theo has made the transition pretty flawlessly and seems to be really benefiting from his Pa time, I guess you can say it's the mama in the equation who's having the harder time adjusting.  
Which bring us to our first pic, our green heart to heart sling which saved us when Theo was brand new and again seems to be making a comeback.  We do lots of babywearing right now. 
Since the library just reopened, we've been having some good playtime there on my morning off.  you can guarantee some new friends will come along, some good stacks of books to pull from the shelves and some new magazines for the mama to get caught up on.
We also had some family visits on the weekend with our Deedee (grandma), aunties and uncles and some serious plays with cousin Finn and Everly.   


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