Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

From the country...

Babies, tea and pie- a winning combination

First pick of pea shoots, arugula and assorted greens
To-die-for lemon meringue pie

Easter weekend:

- countless games of ninjas on the farmstead with the bow and arrows.
-the BEST lemon meringue pie and brownies washed down with gallons of teas.
-braised lamb, ham steaks, roasted root vegetables, first fresh salad from the greenhouse (with a sour cherry vinaigrette), and mashed potatoes with chervil.    
-gorging on dandelion greens
-visits with family and friends
-chocolate egg hunts and 2 new baby bunnies
-smack talking around the kitchen table and lots of laughs
-tree planting, salad green harvesting and chicken catching.
-the yearly chicken rental pick up from this gal and her family.
-researching new breeds of chickens for various purposes.
-walking, riding bikes and making home movies.
-wild foraging for dandelion greens and wild leeks.
-watching and discussing the happenings of this show.

How was your weekend?

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