Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ain't Life Just Peachy...

From the City...

Laura got a great deal on peaches from her farmer friend last week.  The day that she picked them up they were rock hard so we thought we wouldn't have to rush to get them done but little did we know that by the very next day, after 1 night of sitting in the van, they would be 100% ripe and ready to go.  So it was pretty much decided that the holiday monday would be spent peaching and peaching we did.   My sister Rosemary and I made 13 jars of canned peaches, 16 bags of puree for our babies and two freezer bags full for cobblers and pies.
1 bushel of ripe and ready to go peaches
Peach Puree for Babes
Trays of blanched peaches everywhere....

So good.


  1. that's a LOT of peaches! i could drown in peaches and i won't even care. le sigh.

    and puree for the babies - oh those lucky little piglets!

    hope you're having a great summer, A :)

  2. Oh Lala!!

    So good to hear from you. I just read your blog yesterday, bikram training??? are you kidding me?? that's amazing. Good for you.

    I really would love to catch up and have tea with you. For real this time! Not just a date that never seems to happen.

    Hope you're well.



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