Thursday, September 8, 2011

Peachy Keen Jelly Bean

From the country...
So I will add to sister's last post with a few quick words. It is so GREAT to have farmers as friends! I received an email from my pal, Duncan Smith over at Two Century Farms who was looking for some direct sales. A little bit of logistics and 5 bushels later, I had peaches coming out of my ears. After a few late nights, I have jars upon jars of canned peaches in simple syrup, more frozen peaches that you can shake a stick at, an amazing peach butter and I am just finishing up the last bite of peach crisp.

Thanks for the peachy hook up, Duncan!

The amazing peach butter recipe is from here.


  1. Love the Two Century stuff- we use a lot of it in our canning classes with the West End Food Co-op.

  2. Those peaches are making me drool! And yum, peach butter? Must try. :)


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