Saturday, March 26, 2011

"The Best Scrambled Eggs" The Egg Series.

From the country...

On the search for alternative egg recipes for my second edition to the egg series, I came across this recipe for "The Best Scrambled Eggs". I decided to try to prepare something we cook up all the time, but in a slightly different way. Around here we whisk the eggs with milk, fire up the pan with butter and add the scramble eggs to an already heated pan. This method usually produces a nice fluffy, voluminous scrambled egg.

This recipe does things a little backwards. You basically add the eggs, butter, salt and pepper into the skillet and scrambled them together while the pan is coming to temperature. As the butter melts into the eggs a creamy texture happens.

Rating 7.5 outta 10

Comments: Super creamy and a completely different texture then what we are used to. Really velvety, dense and buttery. Different mouth feel for sure! Not your typical fluffy scrambies. I did not have the caviar or smoked salmon that the recipe suggested as a garnish. Drats! (not too many jars of caviar around here...) Because of the texture, the yield was less then what we would normally get from 5 scrambled eggs. Will make again from time to time.

Next up: Eggs Benedict

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  1. well i never, fancy scrambled eggs, who knew?

    They look good.


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