Saturday, March 12, 2011

Something Different. An egg series.

From the country...

We have ALOT of eggs being laid here. The hens are worth their weight in gold, laying the Best Eggs Ever. I love eggs and could have them every morn but we switch from egg morning to oat/yogurt morning with pancakes/waffles on Sunday. I get slightly irritated on oat morning, it just isn't as satisfying as good ol' eggs. We are lucky here at the farm to be able to go out to the coop and scoop up some warm eggs under the bottoms of some hard working ladies.I could never buy eggs at the grocery store again.

Once you go fresh, you can never go back to mundane.

I digress...

Anyway we grow slightly tired of the standard poached, scrambled, and fried with the odd omelet the we often prepare. I am on a mission to try different way to cook eggs, so the egg series is born! Today I tried soft boiled eggs.

Rating: 6 (out of 10)

I followed the directions cooking them for only 4 minutes but the kids found them a little too runny. The presentation in the egg cups reminded me of Royalty- like getting out the fancy tea cups. Our fresh eggs stuck to the shells a little bit , so next time I will try to use slightly older eggs. You can serve them with toast soldiers so that the kids can dunk them in the yolk.

In conclusion, soft boiled eggs are fun to eat and are kinda fancy. I will cook the eggs longer next time and use older eggs for ease in eating.

Next up coddled eggs.


  1. ik! Runny eggs ::shudder:: but it might just be reason enough to have a fancy egg cup like that! It's BEAUTIFUL!!


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