Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ottawa Girls Weekend.

From the City...

Last weekend Lisa (middle) and I made the trek to Ottawa to see our best (on the left) Amy who lives in Pangnirtung Nunavut. She was traveling around on business so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit and catch-up with each other, because we don't really get to do it as much we would like.

It was a pretty fun weekend. Seeing as I'm nine months pregnant, I'm not the funnest person to travel with but that's the best thing about good girlfriends, you don't really need much but a hotel room, junk food, magazines and old stories to have a pretty hilarious time. I had about four baths over the course of two days because the tub was bigger than our ridiculously small bath tub in Toronto and I also ate this delicious thing called a beaver tail. It's like a deep fried pastry that you can get topped with chocolate or cinnamon or garlic or cheese or whatever. In ottawa, the tail is your oyster. er, you know what I mean. It was also a good chance to take my mind off my growing belly, which has become quite the feat these days.

x's and o's to my girls.


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