Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Batch!

From the country...

This is the first batch of preserved goodness made this year! Actually, come to think of it this is the second, geez I am on the ball. I have made a yummy strawberry rhubarb jam and this here marmalade. I also made some bumbleberry jam before X mas. The berry jams were made with fruit harvested in the summer and frozen in the freezer. In the marmalade, I used Seville oranges with one red grapefruit and 2 lemons (my Gran swears by the Seville orange...). It made an even more tangy version of the batch we made last year. A nice puckery marm good with cheese or roast duck..or just out of the jar! For the recipe click here.


  1. Too funny! I was just clicking out of my blog to email you about this as I made some yesterday but it did not jel and wondered if you might advise as to what I may have done wrong and there you are with your own post about a new batch! Neat! Thanks!

    What I have smells really good, tastes great but is liqiuid as the day is long.

  2. I cooked mine for a while to get the gel and added a little more suger then the recipe because I had added more fruit. In Canada we have a product called Certo (made from citrus peel)that is used for making jams etc gel. You could rebatch and just cook for a while longer or try a commercial pectin. My hubs uses my runny marmalade (it happens to all of us...)in his french toast egg batter which makes really tasty french toast. Good luck!


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