Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Girly Things...

From the country...

Here are a few of the girly things that Millie has received as gifts. This is completely uncharted territory for me having had two boys(although Lucas does like to wear the odd barrette in his sunny locks). I often gazed over at the little girls racks in the second hand stores and pined over sundresses and hair bows. Now I can venture over to those racks with purpose.

I have to keep it real though, we do live on a farm. Millie Mae will wear pretty sun dresses smeared with spring mud and dampened with puddle water. It will be pretty shirts mixed with her brothers hand-me-down pants and rubber boots. And of course, you can't forget overalls and a little tiny pitchfork.

Thank you for the girly stuff Dianne.
Thanks for the pink bundle of stuff I found in the mail box last week, Auntie Ann.
Thanks for the bassinet, Mum and Aunt Kathy.

She is a lucky little girl, decked out in girly stuff thanks to you ladies.

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