Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hooray for Seedy Saturday on Sunday

From the City,

Today at the Wychwood Barns, one of my favorite places in Toronto, they had their annual seed sale. This year was much more fun for me than last year because this year, I actually have a place to plant the seeds I buy. Our backyard is small but has plenty of space for a garden which I dug out in the fall (roughly 12 feet by 4 feet) and a large porch just aching for some containers of herbs and tomatoes.

Simon and I decided to divide and conquer at the seed sale, both armed with a list and our seed money, Simon took one side and I took the other. When we met at the end, I quickly realized that we probably should worked together. Let's just say, our garden will be heavy with heirloom tomatoes and peppers.

Here's the Goods:
Matchbox Garden and Seed


The Cottage Gardener

Urban Tomato

Simon and I spending money....

Lastly, a book we picked up from author Gayla Trail. It's pretty perfect for us because it's helpful to find tips specifically for small urban farmers. It's also nice to meet the author of a book and realize how cool and dare I say, down to earth, they really are. Gayla also makes these really great buttons and shirts. Simon picked up one: The Revolution will be Cultivated.

Fingers crossed.

I still don't think we have all of our seeds but we're definitely on our way to food freedom.

Have a good Sunday!


  1. the revolution will be cultivated...... I LOVE THAT!!! I think it's catching on! YEAH!

  2. Heya,
    I find that pepper plants can be difficult to germinate. Last year I borrowed Mom's heating blanket(which I still have...)the bottom heat really helped with germination. If you need supplies, let me know. Laura

  3. Fun idea!

    Do I just lay the heating blanket out and put the plants on it? I also need to try to create some sort of greenhouse here, do you have anything to help with that? extra lights or anything? a


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