Sunday, July 7, 2013

June and July (so far).

From the country...

Ducklings in the sun

Potluck fun

Teacher's pet...end of school year gift
Family at Canada's Wonderland
So while most of the crops are in (I say most because there are still the continuous plantings and the fall plantings that still need to happen) there is still a huge laundry list of jobs that still need to be done. On said list is:

-seeding down the buckwheat for a green manure crop
-constructing a greenhouse to go around the cherry tomatoes and peppers that are already planted.
-staking beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers
-planting the haskap starts (when they come in), lovage, spice bush, sour cherry shrubs
-move turkey poults out of brooder and onto pasture
-construct outdoor hoop houses for ducks and quail.
-working up a new garden for fall plantings
-general farm maintenance and weed, weed weeding...

On a side note my addiction to poultry has hit max capacity. I think an intervention may be in order. That being said I have some of the neatest breeds this year that I am super excited about. Silver Laced Wyandotts, Welsummer's, Basque, Speckled Sussex, and Silkie chickens among the usual ducks, turkeys and quail.

I put in 200 raspberry cane this year and I am happy to say they appear to be doing really well. Also the apple trees look pretty good, the crab apple tree is full and it may be a banner year for the wild apples and grapes....

I have a new culinary love. Her name is mayonnaise. Why has it taken this long for me to discover it? I have made three batches now and 2 have turned out fantastic. The first one went out the window and then I actually read the instructions.... I chock it full of herbs and garlic scapes and then it is ready for anything. I have since made many a Caesar salad and a kick ass chicken salad too.
No really homemade Mayo- where have you been all this time?

Had a family trip to Canada's Wonderland. Mark's family came to the farm and treated us to a trip to this well loved theme park. The kids had a blast.

For me though, I prefer staying on the farm. Not to mention roller coasters freak me out.

I promise to keep in touch better. My sis is out West (Vancouver, Seattle) and if we play our cards right she may just jump in too and tell us about her adventures... right Amy?

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