Sunday, June 2, 2013

Did you forget about me?!?!?

From the City...
 A fully stocked mom purse.
Nuts, water, bananas, pocky, work (blah), lip balm.
 A pantless jam session with Sofia.
 A stranger's fancy ride.
 A beauty little dream home sandwiched between two boresville houses.
Lime green paint?? Yes please!
 Date night at The County General, big thanks to Simon's mom for that blissful child free evening.
 We are addicted to gelato, this past month we have spent roughly $30 on take home containers full of mint, pistachio, banana, grapefruit, chocolate and vanilla.
 Potty time bribery, we have made zero progress yet the box is empty, hmmm...
If the shoe a pair for everyone in your family.

Holy smokes, what a month it has been.  Aside from the shoe shopping and gelato eating; we've been busy.  We're subletting our apartment which always equals mountains of work; cleaning, craigslisting, showings etc.  Nevertheless we've found some cool folks who'll be living in our little homey while we travel and farm and reconnect with family.  It should be a pretty over the top summer.  Simon will be out west for the entire month of July playing festivals and recording their second album at Bear Creek Studio in Seattle. Theo and I plus Robyn (band mama) and her little one (see pic #2) will be flying out and joining them for about a week and half of toddler traveling mania.  

Theo and I'll also be working on the farm which I'm hopeful we'll be a great experience for the this little city kid of mine.  We need to get some dirt and some knee scrapes on that child.   
We'll also be nesting up in Simon's mom's home which she so graciously offered, it will be a nice opportunity to unite the family a little more.

I also really do hope to blog more though, I apologize for this lack lustre attempting at summarizing 2 months of our lives.  We're actively trying to screen less and do the good things more.  
Nevertheless, I do love to offer this insight into our somewhat quirky little life, hopefully you'll stick around and see what our summer has in store.  


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