Monday, March 25, 2013

Theo Turned Two and Earth Hour

From the City..
In typical Simon and Amelia fashion, we stewed and stewed about what to do for Theo's 2nd birthday and then about four days before the actual day; we thought, what the hell, let's do it.  Luckily none of our friends do anything on Saturday afternoons, so it came together nicely.  About 25 adults and 4 kids, packed into our one bedroom apartment for pizza, snacks and chocolate dinosaur pizza.

We had a roaring game of pictionary/charades; which the girls dominated in I might add, followed by poker and a candlelit earth hour jam session.

I've been a bit mushy on the inside since Theo's birthday, trying to take in that this little baby is a now a little boy, I was telling Simon that I wish that I could freeze who he is right now so I can just enjoy it for a little while longer.  But alas, that's just not the case, so for now, until they invent some time freezing machine, I'll just have to slow down and spend more time with this little person playing/painting/cuddling/reading and less time worrying/cleaning/working/computering.  

Here's Theo with his Auntie Kathleen at the tail end of the party enjoying his 34th attempt at blowing out all of the candles on his birthday cake, thank god for patient friends.  

Theo's mama


  1. Happy Birthday, Theo Tree!!!

    Ekam. xoxo.

  2. That little gaffer cracks me up! Yep, Theo and Millie are officially lil' people- I get teared up on a daily basis when I look at my crew and see them grow up into real people. But it doesn't take much to get me teared up- as you may recollect. Kids are like that toy dinosaur that you add water to and the grow giant in like a day. By the time you have a second to realize what is going on you have an eight year old and you feel really old.

    Happy B day Lil' Tree.

    Love Aunt Muffy.


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