Monday, March 18, 2013

March Break Recap

From the Country...

So, I am currently having technical difficulties. My computer is on the outs, I am currently typing on a computer with minimal keys (thanks to the kids) and Mark's new one is a little to high tech (why is Windows 8 so complicated?). So to say the least I am frustrated and a new computer is not in the budget (Gal just bought a manure spreader don't cha know?). Anyway here is a rundown of March break and some new things around here:

-here is a great little post and sweet photo collage by Dan Gordon from Whisky and Spice from his farm visit early last spring. 
-have you ever seen one of these? A must have for the gal that likes to carry her cupcakes to go- I borrowed it from my Aunt and am sad that I have to give it back.
-made giant chocolate cookies with homemade vanilla ice cream and then the following day these whoopie pies with peanut butter icing. The kids LOVED it- my butt not so much...
-went swimming, played hearts and the tournament of champions (which included Mario cart, drawing contest, crazy eights, running around the farm...).
-ate braised lamb, homemade chicken wings and great pizza.
-Nate was honoured as Kid of the Week for his fundraising efforts.
-I am currently in love with the Buckeye chicken and the Samon Faverolle and want to get me some. They seem more winter hearty then some of my current breeds and are oh so pretty.
-am currently hooked on this show - (weirdly addictive) and also this one (who doesn't love Laura Dern?).
-currently redoing my kitchen cabinets in Duck Egg blue/green - I know I am obsessed with all things poultry- need I say more?
-finished the farm hiring process for the season- HOORAH! This was a tough one for me considering I am a firm fence sitter. We now have a full time employee, a part timer and some peeps interested in volunteering!
-the spring list of chores is quickly creeping up on me I need to clean the chicken/turkey pens, seed more and more, make sweet tater slips, order chicks and get hatching amongst many other things.
-finished the great onion seeding of 2013 need to get them out in the greenhouse- just waiting for some spring weather. So many great and wonderful varieties this year - I am very excited!
-planning a big bash for my lil April fool, Lucas for his 6th birthday and he is super excited about it. He keeps asking me how many days until the big shin dig.

Anyway that is it in a nut shell... now I am going to throw this here computer against the barn wall...


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