Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Big ol' Pile of Mushrooms.

From the City...
 Simon and I have long scoffed at mushrooms sneakily making their way into our meals but it's like our whole world has changed because we now love the meaty little suckers.  We found three giant packs on the reduce to clear the other day so I made a hungarian mushroom soup from Mollie Katzen's Moosewood Cookbook.  To say it was good is an understatement.  It's amazing.  Surprising light but still creamy thanks to the flour and just one cup of milk.  I added some sliced bacon and a cup of peas for a hint of green.
 Laura surprised me with these beautiful citrus cupcakes for my birthday along with a surprise birthday brunch here, with about 12 or so of my favourite people. 
 Just the best champagne birthday a girl could ask for.
Theo's absolute favourite treat is hot chocolate with mimi's (mini marshmellows).  I wanted to find a good recipe for a bulk batch hot chocolate mix that had good whole ingredients and as little sugar as possible.  Of course, Martha pulled out all the stops and came up with a yummy simple mix that was exactly what I was looking for.  I cut back on the sugar just a bit and added a pinch or two of cinnamon.  Trust me, it's gone over quite well here.

So as March break is winding down, here's a little recap of some other things that I did/loved/watched/ate:
I, finally, made curtains.  This project has taken me just two years, no big deal.
I made this soup.
I've watched countless episodes of this show.
I treated myself to these boots.  For the record, mine were 50% off.
I've become addicted to loose leaf tea; specifically the vanilla roobios.
I purged our apartment of bags and bags of stuff
A bought a ticket to the junos!
We visited a maple syrup farm

...And lastly, this little guy is turning 2 on Friday.  
It should be pretty low key; cake, balloons and a trip to the museum.  Theo's bday present this year is 10 weeks of dance classes with his friends Cider and Beatrice.  Doesn't get much better than that.  
To think, we made it to 2?!?! How'd that even happen.



  1. Sounds like the best March break ever!

  2. that sister of yours is some talented! Glad to hear you have come to the dark side re: mushrooms. Give lil' tree a peck on Friday from us!



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