Saturday, February 2, 2013

Privacy and Toddlers

From the City...
Two things that we are realizing are never said in the same sentence around here; doors must always be open, showers and baths shared (nothing like reading and relaxing in a lukewarm bath with a two year old), bathroom experiences shared ("mama peepee?? potty peepee??), beds shared (yes, we are all sleeping together again) and any personal conversation routinely interrupted by a need for a diaper change/snack/unreachable toy/drink/book etc.

But in other great news, here's a link to Simon's band playing on CMT's The Dakota Sessions.  It's pretty great and the lead guy is a total stud.


  1. Gawd, I hear you. For pete's sake, will you close the shower curtain, mama's getting cold!

  2. I hear you! It's like Grand Central Station around here when I go poo...



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