Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentines and Granola Bars

From the City...
Here's some valentines Theo and I made for his cousins and daycare friends, the idea came from Martha and I'm sure when she 'made' them, it didn't involve coaxing a two year old to help with smarties.  I swear; for every one smarty he put in the pouch, he ate one.
Cute huh?
Oh and here's a pic of some granola bars I made.

They didn't really turn out but that wasn't the recipes fault, the truth is, while making them, I realized we had drained all of the honey and maple syrup in the house (pancake Sunday, can't blame us) so I tried to make some kind of brown sugar syrup concoction which, straight up, didn't work at all.   So now I have a whole mess of deconstructed granola bars to nibble away at.
I mean, things could be worse.

Happy Sunday.

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  1. The kids loved the little treat bags- Millie ate hers first and then went after the boys which resulted in tears all around. The cinnamon hearts were a tough sell but I took it for the team.



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