Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Present Overload

From the city.
We just got home from a very major christmas extravaganza.  Mountains of food and prizes and loads of games and laughing and kids and kids and more kids.  Theo is one of ten cousins so everywhere we went whether it was my family or Simon's, there were kids to chase and be chased by.  Needless to say now that we're home and unwinding a bit, we're exhausted but completely full of love for our families.

Here's a little recap of just some of the goods Theo and I scored.
1. New sheets and pillows and a handmade duvet!
2. Our woody doll and stroller, the two just go hand in hand don't they?
3. Measuring stick for Theo which I've wanted for quite some time now
4. Buzz christmas tree decoration
5. The most beautiful handmade cars from here
6. Temporary tattoos
7. My new owl necklace, from here
8. Theo's handmade kitchen decked out with pots and pans, fruits and veg and an oven mitt of course
9. A new tea set for Theo which I scored at value village for $2!

A pretty amazing haul huh?  Everything was so damn thoughtful and handmade and amazing and special....really makes a girl feel full inside.


  1. Hey harvest kitchen sisters!
    Thanks so much for posting a photo of my ( now yours) owl nefkalce! Looks amazing with that shirt, glad it arrived safely!


    1. Thanks for posting Madeleine! The necklace is beautiful and I love it!

      Happy New Year,

  2. Where is that measuring stick from? Did one of your amazing relatives make it?

    1. Hey Lindsers,

      Simon's Uncle Tim made it, it's great huh? I have seen tutorials on pinterest, check there.



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