Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Few Things

From the country...

Nate's 8th B day stink bug cake.

X mas family shot 2nd half.


favourite t shirt ever... from my sis
Hoards of family over for the holidays- check.
Loads of food being prepared in every which way- check.
Many games being played (Sponge Bob Monopoly, cards, Clue, charades...) 
Nate's 8th birthday (made this cake always a hit...)-check.
Colds, flu, teething, repeat- check.
Lucas' operation (adenoids, tubes in ears)- check.
Blew through the 1st 2 seasons of this show- check.
Imputed all this years business receipts- check.
Nate becoming an Earth Ranger and wanting to raise funds for these endangered birds- pending.
Seed ordering for this years market crops- pending.
Cleaning/organizing the house- always pending.
2 batches of kimchi from this book (turned out amazing and made my kitchen smell really funky)- check.

So there you have it a brief update of what we have been up to, cooped up in the house and mostly enjoying each others company... Miss Mae has turned into a terrible two (writing on walls, stripping naked, climbing everywhere, into every drawer, screaming, crying...) which makes life a tad more challenging for everyone. She is fast though like a fox- you finish cleaning up the cards she has just spread all over the kitchen while she is upstairs pouring the cat food into the toilet. A simple "no" is her favourite word followed by her second which is "hug" and then "poop".  Lucas pulled through surgery like a champ- and is on the mend thanks to copious amounts of homemade jello, popsicles, soup and snuggling. I am pretty proud of my newly crowned 8 year old who wanted to become and Earth Ranger and picked the endangered song bird the Wood Thrush to help save. He uses words like "his campaign" and "deforestation" which blows me away and makes me proud.

So lather, rinse, repeat I guess. Another new year.

t-shirt from here

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