Saturday, November 24, 2012

Presenting: World's Saddest/Most Terrified Toddler

From the City,
I mean I'm not surprised at all that I got this reaction, I was fully prepared for it, I had Simon's sister Meg all geared up with her camera before I even set him on the big guy's lap, I knew I had a mere 30 seconds.  This is the same kid who up until a week ago was scared of our christmas tree.  I love the expression on Santa's face, kinda like, are we done here now??  Have you had enough fun torturing your child??
Don't worry Santa, he got a super sweet heavily iced christmas tree cookie right after..
Worth it?  I'd say so.


  1. Oh T. man! This is a great picture. Everything about it is awesome.

  2. that is the best...I know that face pretty well...I believe it is the same one when I try to kiss and hug him.


  3. Poor Laur! Do what Jason does and show up with candy or a ball in your pocket.


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