Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Etsy Shopping Trap...

From the country...

adorable earrings from Penny Glass Girl.
So, I may just be light years behind an average girl my age in terms of what is in fashion. My sense of what looks good usually involves whatever is clean...and comfy. But if you haven't heard of Etsy you have to check it out. No, checking it out really doesn't do it much justice... I think that it is physically impossible to just casually "check it out". I have officially spent the better half of my day pouring over image upon image of handmade heaven. There is everything from knitting to toys to jewellery and on and on. So in a hunt for some really neat X mas presents I have officially started my search. The great thing about Etsy is that you can look for your local creators-which is obviously what I am all about- or you can order from a plethora of vendors from all over the globe. My only stab at this website is that there are ALOT of vendors and weeding through the pages can be a major but albeit super fun way of wasting away hours of precious time. My search perimeters are to stay in Canada this season and support some of the great Canadian talent listed on this AMAZING website (can I plug it any harder???).  So here is what I have found;

-this little bit of heaven from pennyglassgirl from Toronto and why not get a set of the earrings too?
-this scrabble tile necklace is gorgeous (who doesn't like Robin's eggs?) made in Windsor, Ontario.
-tea cup earrings? too cute! Try it with a slice of pumpkin pie... made in Vancouver.
-then there are these creepy/humorous tees  for the geek in your life....made in Keswick Ontario.
-and I wouldn't write this post without giving a shout out to my pal Krystle who makes beautiful photo the neighbouring town of Cannington Ontario...literally 10 minutes drive from the farm.

So there you have it another reason for shopping from local is just so freaking fun!

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  1. Those earrings are heavenly! I'm dying over here. Those tees have Aaron (our brother) written all over them.



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