Saturday, August 4, 2012

Onions, onions and more onions

From the country...

onion seed

Fresh harvested Red Tropeana Lunga onions
I have professed my undying love for growing/eating/cooking/preserving onions for a long time now. This year I have upped that love and have gone large with growing onions in a big way. Half of my crops this year are onions. I have red onions, torpedo onions, chipolini onions (both red and white), various varieties of green onions, yellow multiplier onions, Stuttgarter onion sets (a German cooking onion) and shallots.

The fancy onions I have grown from seed. The seed was started in March and are just now becoming ready to harvest. It is a bit of a commitment but well worth the wait- not to mention I think I may have figured how to grow onions well. I have this picture in my head of baskets upon baskets of onions in all of their oniony glory at our market table.  I may even have an onion out their that could be a red ribbon winner for largest onion at the local agricultural fair this year. Just saying...

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