Sunday, July 29, 2012

It has been awhile....

From the country...

Mark and Millie setting up drip irrigation (photo credit:Dan Gordon Photography)

Eating peas and playing with sticks on the porch (photo credit:Dan Gordon Photography)
Family camping trip to Arrowhead Provincial Park
Farm life is all consuming to say the least. We have been running since early spring putting in the crops (lettuces, edible soy beans, filet beans, pumpkins, winter/summer squash, a ton a different types of onions, cardoon, carrots, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, a lot of cucumbers of various varieties, sweet potatoes and on and on...) and tending to the livestock (hatching this year's chickens, ducks and turkeys, building runs and different forms of poultry housing). It has been a full time job maintaining our crops, irrigating almost every day because it has been a really, really dry summer thus far.

We managed to get away for a few days to camp. We a lot of spent time swimming in the lake, fishing, cooking over the campfire and playing games (not to mention a rousing game of charades...).
the boys crashed out in the tent mid day.
Right now the vegetables are flowing out of the garden. We have been gorging on new potatoes, green onions, fresh herbs with everything, cucumbers, the first of the tomatoes and boat loads of lettuce. Next onto beans and melons...I am excited about the melons this year! They like it hot and well we have sure had a double dose of that.


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  1. You're telling us, we've missed you!

    Love the first two pics. Really beautiful, is Dan a friend of yours?



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