Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grapes, Mud Badminton, Cucumbers and Late Summer Harvesting

From the country...

First harvest off our grape vines - SUPER excited about it!!
Millie playing some mud badminton...

It has sure been a great year for cucumbers!
As you can probably tell this growing season has been busy (hence my lack of online activity). It has been a super exciting season though and we are pulling in a ton of produce. I could go on and on about the onions (I won't though for fear of boring you to tears) but the beans have been prolifically amazing as well, the cucumber harvest was great, the eggplant keep on trucking and the tomatoes (despite some blight) are making a comeback! Not so much for the melons... There is so much to report on but not enough day light hours!

I look forward to the fall. I have been swooning over this year's curry squash, we are working on the fall head lettuces, the radicchio planting is in and the sweet potatoes plants look great.

Sweet potatoes vines

Gorgeous curry squash.
 Ahh.. Late summer harvest...

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