Thursday, May 3, 2012

This Weekend's market and a trip to the fiddle patch

From the country...

Millie's first trip to the fiddle patch,

Leopard and Bull Frogs in a bucket,

Stuck in the tree,

the avid fishermen,

the end result.
This weekend is the first spring/summer market at the Evergreen Brick Work's farmers market and we have been busy down at the fiddle patch harvesting fiddle heads, dandelion greens, stinging nettle and garlic mustard. The new Evergreen Brick Work's website just launched recently and it features a place where the vendors can put a profile of their farm and a tab where you can list what you have available for the upcoming market. I have been working on our profile and I think it looks pretty neat- check it out!

On the farm we have been scurrying about planting onions, lettuces, pea shoots, seeding countless seeds and on and on. We have also been tending to our new brood of chicks, ducklings and baby quail. The incubator has been running non-stop for a while now hatching out this years batch of poultry (photos to come). I have been to the public school showing/educating the kindergarten classes and the grade 1 class about the hatching process and I brought along my cardboard box of chicks. As soon as the top comes off- the children just dive for them- it is so great to watch these little people get as excited about chicks as I do. The planter gardens at the school is what's on for next week.

Farm life has really taken hold right now- so much to do and not enough daylight hours. Our backs/knees are sore and fingernails are compounded with soil. The spring peepers are back, each night they lull us into some much needed sleep and the black flies are starting to make their presence...May is here!


  1. Cannot wait to see some pics of those tiny baby quails!

  2. Good pics.

    Love the ones of the kiddies.

    Just another thing one misses when they live in the city....spring peepers.



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