Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Recap of April...something new I'm trying

From the City...
Heather Pollock Photography 
Things that happened:
-Theo and I tagged along to The Strumbellas photo shoot and the ever lovely and wonderful Heather Pollock offered to take some family pics for us.  We're real happy with them, they're a bit gritty and dark and different, which we love.  Theo also didn't fail to deliver on his array of snarky expressions. 
Heather Pollock Photography 

-I'm finally getting into the groove of work. I won't lie, there have been some hurdles but slowly we're getting into finding some balance between life and baby and work.  
-We found out that Simon's band got into The Hillside music festival! Definitely something we're looking forward to.
-Mustered up and did some spring cleaning, washed floors, windows, organized shelves, cleaned bathroom...ugh.
-We went to a whole bunch of daycare meetings.  Things are happening.  The little co-op daycare that we're apart of starts on Monday.
-Theo was sick, teething, cold, cough equally one unhappy baby and two equally unhappy parents. 

What I learnt this month:
-Theo can and will eat his weight in dirt if you let him.  
-This mama requires at least 6-7 solid hours of sleep, watch out if I don't get it!
-How to make gnocchi 
-A clean and organized place to live makes my life function better 
-Our new neighbour down the hall is an opera singer and practises almost every night for about an hour.  
-Theo slept all 5:30 am to be exact.  It was blissfully amazing and wonderful, I haven't slept that long and uninterupted in more than a year, we've digressed a little since then but that one night made me realize that good long sleeps are just around the corner.

What I'm looking forward to in May:
-Daycare starting for Theo on Wednesday.  Hold back the tears.
-A seed swap
-Starting our balcony garden...lots of salad greens, herbs and tomatoes
-Trying some new recipes and hopefully eating some early asparagus 
-Theo walking, we're so close... I think May's the month it's gonna happen.
-A girls weekend with my all time favourite best friends.  It should be a good one. 
-Mother's day! wahooo.  I've already booked myself a little massage (paid for by insurance, not out of pocket) and possibly a haircut to go with it.  I have such a hard time justifying haircuts but I found a woman in Little Korea that I love and the whole thing with tip is $50.  I know, I gasped a little too.  But you get a really good wash, head massage, style, cut and dry.  Plus, she's so great with Theo.  She talks to him in Korean the entire time and he giggles and flirts with her.  Its pretty cute actually.
-Let the yard sales begin!
-Hanging with fam on the long weekend.  Getting some cuddles in with the oh so cute nieces and nephews. 



  1. Really really good April, and such good May plans. Love the photos! xoxo Marg.

  2. the photos are really great and the ones of the Strumbies on her website are sweet as well. I heart the one of you and Theo- his face or should I say his signature scowl is captured perfectly in that one. I can attest to the dirt eating he really does like that stuff huh? Mother's Day for me is the Fur and Feather Auction!


    1. oh, the fur and feather auction, sounds like a real hoot Laur.



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