Sunday, March 18, 2012


From the City...
Well what was supposed to be a weekend of first birthday partying ended up being a weekend of recovering from pink eye.  Yep, you heard it, we ended up cancelling the party due to a nasty case of yet another childhood illness.  We seem to be getting hit with illness after illness these days but I am oh so hopeful that the new warm weather will also bring the end of sickness.  
A mama can dream, can't she?
Every sunday we have pancakes.  We look forward to them all week. These ones were delicious. 
I got these amazingly beautiful and delicious purple potatoes from the warehouse at work.  
We roasted them in oil and salt for 30 minutes and they were lovely.  
Mother Dumplings for our weekend dinner out.  
They were good but definitely not better than our stand by restaurant, Dumpling House.  
I was cleaning out a box of junk in our kitchen and I came across these funny passport pics of Theo.  
Laura and the kiddos were in town for a short little visit with cousin Theo.  
We made sure to keep 'em good and separated. 

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  1. pink eye is no fun and it's so stinkin' contagious. hope everyone is pink eye free and stays that way!


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