Sunday, January 29, 2012


From the City....
Theo discovered mashed potatoes.  Yes, those are potatoes directly up the nostrils.  
I wore my new favourite shirt all weekend. (purchased in mexico for $10.  Not bad)
I finished my wire earring hanger.  So simple.  Can be done with an old frame, wood stapler and wire.
I'm not gonna lie, it works pretty well.  
I got Simon this button.  It's true too.  I wear my rubber boots all over Toronto.
This guy finally started crawling.  
Nothing is safe now; dog food, dog water, dog toys, the get the picture.  
My lovely friend Lindsay came for a visit.  What's so great about my visits with Lindsay is that we can go months without seeing each other and fall right back into where we left off.  We drink tea, we talk babies, we wander around looking at pretty things like egg salt and pepper shakers, Le Creuset anythings, dishes and clothes and then finish the day off with nachos and wings.  
Thanks for the great visit Lindsers!xox

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Hope everyone else had a great weekend.


  1. sounds like a great and full weekend! and yes, rubber boots are the best (i have several pair). i love your new shirt too :)

    1. Thanks for the weekending inspiration, might have to make this a regular to the hks rotation!


  2. Man...I'm sorry I missed the mashed potato experience!
    Thanks again for having me. xo

    1. It was hilarious.

      Visit anytime, you're pretty much the best houseguest ever.




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