Monday, January 30, 2012

Tool Drool

From the country...

Ergonomic Stainless Steel Tools from Lee Valley
I have been perusing A LOT of seed catalogues. Seeds, seeds and more seeds. Organizing seeds...ordering seeds...and a substantial amount of time thinking about seeds... how to sow..where to seed...starting seeds many days to maturity. Important stuff to know when your growing season is only around 6 months.

Along with figuring out my seed order is fawning over the latest/greatest new tool. Let me tell you a shiny new (and more importantly- well made) tool can make a farm girl drool. I wish I could buy them all and hang them up in the barn all Martha Stewart- like. A row of tools shining against some old weathered barn board.

The good news is we put some tools in our budget this year! Most of the budget will be eaten up by some new tractor implements but I have a feeling that one of those shiny digging forks and a bulb planter may just have found a new home...

check out here for the tools above and here for some really great stuff.

Do anyone else out there get a case of tool gimme gimmies around this time of year??


  1. After seeing those beauties...absolutely!

  2. Are they from Lee Valley?

    A dork wants to know...

  3. yep, Lee Valley.

    At least we are dorks that can defend ourselves(that bulb planter can make a mean weapon).


  4. well at least you two are the cutest dorks I know.



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