Monday, January 16, 2012

Roasted Vegetables

From the country...

squash, garlic, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, celeriac, and onions.

After the roasting process...

made into soup.
For X mas we received one of these food processors. Needless to say I have been whipping everything in sight just so I can play around with this really great (and super efficient) new kitchen gadget. It has its place now with the arsenal of other gadgets (stand mixer, ice cream maker...) that take up the majority of space in our kitchen. It works so well, and really is a hoot to use! I haven't even used a knife for a week!

I digress...

On the weekend (while the temperatures crept below the -20 degree mark) I roasted up some vegetables and made a hearty soup. This isn't really a recipe because it was so easy- I roasted the vegetables, processed them into a nice smooth consistency and added stock (we had duck and turkey stock on hand- we ALWAYS have a stock pot with bones in it on the stove...), salt/pepper taste, and some dried herbs (I had rosemary and savoury). My new fancy gadget literally made the soup. Roasting vegetables really brings the sweetness out of them- which resulted in a really nice slightly sweet, slightly nutty (thanks to those J chokes), and super velvety soup. 

I even have some garlic left over for a dip I plan on making- with the processor of course!

Oh happy day!


  1. Ummm, what time should we be there for dinner?

  2. That soup looks amazing! Simple, good ingredients. I love it.

    I also LOVE my fancy food processor. It has been changing my life for the past two years.

    Seriously, you can make the best whipped guacamole ever in it. heaven.



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