Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I have a confession to make....

From the City...

I love my phone.  I love the camera, the apps, the calendar, the games ( scrabble addict right here),  I love its cute sleek little design and I won't even lie, if I forget it at home, I'm lost.  With this cold weather this little phone of mine gets a little glitchy and sad so I decided to whip up a little sock for it.  
Here's some pics: 
Its a pretty straightforward project.

Measure 8 cm across.  I doubled it up with some ugly grey to make it warmer.

Cut a strip of fun fabric and stitch it to the front, making sure to leave enough to curl over for when you sew the whole thing together.

Sew all the way.  Then if you desire and you like the look, hand stitch with embroidery floss around the edges.  I also did this to the button whole to make it a little more secure as felt has a tendency to stretch and fray.

Find a cute button, like this one from Bread and Buttons, which was given to me by my sister!

I glued it down as well as stitched it because I really didn't want to lose it.

Insert phone and enjoy!


  1. nice button!

    I will have to make one of those for myself....


    1. Ya you will!! For your new ipod, I forgot!

      Look at you, Little Ms. Technology.



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