Friday, January 20, 2012

Friends of HKS: Guest Blogger Series

Lindsay is a nurse / urban farmer / knitting queen and crafter who blogs from Peterborough, Ontario where she lives with her husband, little boy and boston terrier..

A Quick Gift

This week I received some exciting news. A friend of mine is pregnant. That in itself is pretty exciting but it gets better. She’s expecting TWINS!!! I know right?! Amazing. So, I thought I’d show her how excited I am for her by making a little gift.

I cannot remember where I saw this idea – which is too bad because I like to give credit where credit is due and by no means want people to think this is my original idea. 
Wherever I saw it, the idea stuck in my head and has finally seen the light of day.

The idea? Making burp cloths out of old T-shirts. My dear husband has been putting old clothes in the basement throughout the year and lucky for me, we’ve both been lazy enough not to bring it to the drop-off centre – so T-shirts I did have.

Disclaimer: I’m by no means a sewing expert. I know the basics and that’s about it, so….if I can do this, so can you!

Step 1: Choose the fabrics you would like to use.
Step 2: Cut off the arms of the T-shirts

Step 3: Cut up the sides of the T-shirt
Step 4: Figure out the shape of your burp cloth. For the blue/bikes cloth, I used a placemat that was conveniently on my kitchen table (ahem…I mean, my crafting table). The shape of the yellow/spaceship cloth was decided by the fact that I only had that much spaceship fabric left and that’s the shape it was in.

Step 5: Cut the T-shirt and your other fabric to the shape you have chosen

Step 6: Put right sides facing together and pin around perimeter. REMEMBER!!!!! – you are going to need to leave a few inches open to turn your piece right side out.
Step 7: Sew around the burp cloth leaving however much you want as a margin. I used the edge of my sewing foot.
Step 8: Trim your corners. If you don’t, when you turn the piece right-side out, the corners will be bulky.
Step 9: Turn your piece right-side out and push your corners out.

Step 10: Pin the opening shut that you left so you could turn your piece.

Step 11: Sew around the entire piece, again leaving whatever margin you’d like. I used the same as before – the edge of the sewing foot.
Step 12: Admire your new burp cloth!!!
Apparently the old T-shirts are great at absorbing spit-up. 

And with twins…I’m sure there will be quite a bit of that.

You can read more from Lindsay over on her blog; The Naive Homesteader.


  1. love the bicycle one!! I should really learn to sew... Great post.

    Thanks Lindsay,

  2. oh man, twins!!!

    I can't even imagine. Burp clothes seem like a perfect, and entirely fitting, gift. Love that they're made out of old shirts, genius! You could probably do something similar and make bibs? good and absorbant.

    you might need to make a couple of those for yourself, no?

    But on a side note, where do you always find the best fabrics from? the bikes and the spaceships, adorable. I still have the bib you made Theo with the amazing owl print, I just love it.

    Thanks again for posting and congrats to your friend and her little ones on the way!


  3. Those are awesome. I know you're busy but if you ever think of selling them I'll take a few. They make a great gift.


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