Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Update from the Crafting Workshop

From the City...
(could the below picture be a hint at tomorrows guest post??? hmm, just you wait and see!)
This past week has been spent in this apartment crafting, a lot.  Sunday was a trip to the fabric store followed by hot chocolate and christmas movies while the whir of the sewing machine buzzed in the background.  So far I've been able to get a fair chunk of my projects completed.  
Including the above stockings inspired by one of our very first guest bloggers Rosemary.  Millie Mae is decorated with birds including a turkey as her mama is one mighty fine turkey wrangler and Theo's a tree, a little too literal perhaps, seeing as it's his middle name and all but I liked it anyhow.  
A family tree for Theo's cousin Everly Sunshine.  
This is a door hanger minus the doweling which is still at the hardware store. 
My son so graciously modeling Millie Mae's button flower headband for her stocking. 
My cinched headband, pattern here.  This was originally a gift but I sorta, um, fell in love with it.  
So now i'm in the process of whipping up another one.  

How's your christmas crafting going?

1 comment:

  1. Best crafting ever- top notch stuff!

    Hope I am gettin' one of them there headbands..



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