Saturday, December 10, 2011

From One Blogger to Another

From the City...(Little Dude, just shy of 9months)
So I've recently discovered some free online photo editing sites that are amazing!!! 
Super easy and straightforward, even for the most non techy folks, myself included.  Seeing as I discovered it from a blog I follow, it only seemed fair and fitting that I should pass it along, you know, good blog karma and all.

So here's the scoop.  You do need to register for both but its a very fast and straightforward.  Worth it.  

Picnik: The free package gives you the basic goods.  Basic pic editing, collage maker, different filters, writing on pics, rounded edges etc.  The catch is, with the basic, you get very limited collage making options.  Max, like 6 pics or something.  So then you take your edited pics and you head over here.

Big Huge Labs: Again you have to register.  You can add a max of 36 pics to this collage maker, you can do a basic layout, or a much more exciting one with larger pics and smaller pics combined.  It's so easy and straightforward, you don't have to resize pics or crop or anything, they just work everytime.  It's the best.  

So anyway, there it is.  

Hope it makes your projects more fun!

**Note: I do not work for the companies suggested, I was not compensated for telling you this.  
This is strictly my new addiction and I wanted to share it.    


  1. Oh my good gracious! Little Dude is, simply put, adorable. Cute-tacular. Look at those lips! And big brown eyes! Handsomest.
    Love, love, love your blog, by the way. Thanks for sharing! Shannon P (in the Northern P-dot)

  2. Hey Shannon,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    We're pretty happy with him ourselves, minus the nights when he's teething and stays up all night!

    Love love love that you love our blog!

  3. top left corner = heart melted.


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