Friday, December 9, 2011

Save the Shropshire Sheep!

From the Country...

I received this cry for help from a fellow farmer raising the near extinct Shropshire Sheep. From my standpoint it would be devastating to lose part if not all of your livelihood. We need to preserve our heritage animals not destroy them.

Dear farm, food and life friends,

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has elected to destroy my healthy flock of rare breed
Shropshire sheep, despite all their negative test results. They are not just my sheep...they are Canada’s heritage sheep. I am opposing the CFIA because there is no evidence of any scrapie on the farm or in the flock. I am asking for your help to preserve their genetics too.

If we lose the fight to save them, and CFIA kills the targeted 44 animals, the breed will be several steps closer to extinction with only 107 registered breeding females, 38 ewe lambs and 16 rams remaining in

America’s best known farmer and agricultural activist Joel Salatin is upset by the possibility of their disappearance. “CFIA’s intent to annihilate the Wholearth flock of Shropshire sheep owned by Montana Jones is deeply troubling,” Salatin wrote to the CFIA. “Without credible tests that empirically prove the existence of scrapie, to proceed with the planned extermination is both unscientific and tyrannical.”
We are looking to you and to the media to get word out to stop this slaughter from happening. Please support this cause and sign the petition to Save Our Shropshires (

Montana Jones


  1. Signed!!

    Here's the fb page for more information:


  2. It would appear that there might be more to the story – Perhaps Montana will comment.

  3. Definitely an interesting article.

    Seems there are always two sides to every story.

    More research is always a good thing!

    Thanks for the comment.



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