Wednesday, November 9, 2011

*RECIPE: Thai Green Curry

From the City...
My empty plate.  Would have looked a lot better with the actual curry in the picture.

When Simon and I traveled in Thailand, I ate more green curry than you can shake a stick at (not sure what that saying means but I'm pretty sure it means, a lot.)  We also took a cooking class and learned to make our own with the goods from the market.  
I was able to dig up some of our pics from that trip, hello 2009. 
 Restaurant on Koh Chang, Green Curry.  
And yes, I did eat everything in the giant bowl and no it is not a platter.  
 Simon with a lot more hair.  Cooking class in Chiang Mai.  Siam Rice.
 Assortment of Goodies.
Cooking Class Green Curry.

David Lebovitz posted the most delicious recipe over on his blog along with some truly beautiful pictures to accompany it.  You can find his recipe here.  This recipe is for sure a keeper.  I didn't have shrimp paste so I used tofu instead and I was pretty happy with it.


p.s I just love those damn tiny corns.


  1. this looks amazing. also - i think we should maybe try to do a new (albeit quick and easy) recipe for band wife night - maybe one of us could teach the other two how to make something?

  2. I love everything about that idea.

    You could teach us your little peanut butter chocolate chip cup ways! Finally I'd have the recipe.

    But seriously, we need to do more adventurous cooking.


  3. amazing photos- you should dig up some more!



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