Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Yet another pair of Mary Jane's for Miliie (she has three pairs and doesn't walk yet)- score from the thrift store only four dollars!!
From the country,

Guilt. Specifically Mother guilt. I know this is a common occurrence but some days it can be a bit crippling.  Some days the guilt cloud hangs a bit heavy.

Why are we so darn hard on ourselves? We feel we should do less of one thing and more of another. When our children get sick or hurt we wonder what we could have done differently. We wonder whether our children are getting enough socialization, nutrition, sleep, exercise, education and on and on. Are our children happy with the choices we have made for them?

We mirror ourselves in other people's projected perception and feel we don't add up. We are constantly in some kind of competition with one another.

The truth is there is not a Best Mother Award. There isn't a ribbon that gets placed on you at the local fair. Mothering is a constant learning curve- so just enjoy the ride.

So, this is to all the Mothers, Moms, Mums, and Mommas out there. This is to my Mom. This is to my sister. And this is to my best friend doing it all by herself.


  1. So true, and as I struggle with a twelve year old who grasps math about as well as I did at that age, I remind myself that I have no previous experience for this gig but it's okay, he has no previous experience being twelve so we've resolved to go easy on each other. : )

  2. The internal mother dialogue can be so harsh sometimes! What's great is that kids typically give you do-overs so you can always try another technique next time.

  3. I'm new to this mother guilt thing but i swear it started when Theo was still on the inside.

    ..."I shouldn't eat this, I shouldn't do that, I shouldn't be thinking this..."

    and after when Theo came along and wouldn't nurse, I was overcome with this feeling of failure and disappointment.

    Shesh, and he was only a couple of days old!!

    Nice to know we're all in this together, in one way or another.


  4. holler to all the Moms! We need each other to "sound off" sometimes. It is so great to know that there are gals out there like you ladies.


  5. The best thing someone ever said to me was - 'Guilt is optional'. When I can remember that, it is SO liberating!

    I should probably say I'm not a mum... but I do remember my mum talking about mum-guilt!

  6. but seriously, do those shoes come in my size?



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