Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pickled Carrots

From the country...

I am nearing the last of the preserving, I just have a crock of sauerkraut to make and some jam for the holidays. I LOVE pickled carrots not only do they taste amazing but they look like glowing embers in a jar. This batch resulted in 5 jars, so I may have to make another batch to last the winter. I went with this recipe (from the lovely people over at Well Preserved) for the brine but each jar had a slight variation of seasonings. Two jars were spicy with chili flakes, another was celery seed/red peppercorn, one jar of cumin/red peppercorn, and the last was spiced up with fenugreek. And of course each jar had some sliced onions, one or two garlic cloves and a bay leaf. Fennel seed would also be a great addition.. really the sky is the limit.

I have yet to put these beauties on their shelf in the pantry because I am not done gazing at them as the shine on the counter in the day. They really reflect what little sun light we have now that the days are oh so short....

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