Monday, November 21, 2011

Bedtime Standstill

From the City...
So we are officially making Theo's slow transition out of our bed and into his own big boy bed.  By slow I mean, like at a snails pace and I won't even lie, nap time right after this picture was taken was in our bed cuddled against my chest.  He has started to like the crib though, he enjoys the mobile and the books, toys and blankets but nothing and I mean nothing beats touching daddy's face and tugging on his beard and cuddling and nursing his mama.

Our bed is a busy spot these days (oh my!).  Little Tank goes to sleep in our bed and then gets transferred to his crib when we go to bed then back into ours to nurse at about 2 and then back into his own crib until 5 and then back into ours.  By this point, I'm so exhausted with all of the baby schlepping that I just let the little gaffer sleep with us.  So basically, in the end, he always wins.

Even our dog Ruby is so exhausted with all the bed hopping these days that she no longer sleeps in our room, rather in the living room on the floor.

...hmmmm, maybe I should join her?


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